PO BOX 6111, FRENCHS FOREST  NSW 2086 – all repairs and payments

Generally H/P’s are repaired the day they are received and returned .

Other H/P (low speeds) are about 2-3 days – If repair is obviously going to take longer we will notify you of the delay.

What are you accounting terms? How do we pay?

First Dental invoices run on a 30 day account.  Should this account not be paid by the due date you will be sent an overdue account. Should the overdue account not be finalised within seven days your account may be put into pre-payment mode which means all accounts have to be finalised before you receive any handpieces back.

Please note – First Dental realises that each surgery is set up differently. If you feel you cannot meet these payment options please call us to discuss this.

Also if you are having troubles making payments please contact us.

First Dental offers you a range of payment options:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Cheque
  • EFT

How do we send repairs to you?

  • Make sure the handpieces your sending for repair have been autoclaved
  • Fill out your personalised order forms.  Recording the serial numbers of each handpiece so you know which handpieces we have.
  • Describe the problems you’re having with each handpiece
  • Put your handpieces along with their form into your First Dental repair box (more than one handpiece can fit in each box)
  • Put your First Dental repair box with handpieces enclosed into your pre-paid padded bag
  • Seal your bag and put it in the post without having to pay a cent.

How much is this repair going to be?

With First Dental there are:

  • NO fitting fees
  • NO labour charges
  • NO postage fees (we use express post – with tracking)
  • NO Contracts

Prices are as follows for high speeds

  • Turbine replacement = $ 380 + GST
  • Bearings replacement = $195 + GST
  • Water clearing & ‘O’ rings = $60 + GST

Slow speeds are done on a quotation basis