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Warranty and Conditions

FIRST DENTAL employs the highest quality high speed dental bearings available in the world. Our technicians are fully trained and experienced in all aspects of dental handpiece repair. Our aim is to offer you the best quality, most professional and cost effective dental handpiece repair service in Australia.

Warranty is 60 days from invoice date, unless otherwise stated, and covers faulty materials/workmanship ONLY. Instruments must be maintained (cleaned & lubricated). Warranty applies only to items repaired by First Dental. Warranty is not applicable until payment is made in full. Please Note: It is the senders responsibility to insure goods sent to us. All outward postage is insured by First Dental.

Under ideal maintenance conditions together with precision dental handpiece repair, the bearings should last 550-600 autoclave cycles. (Most dental handpiece manufacturers provide only a 90 day warranty on turbines in new handpieces.) Because of today's harsher conditions where handpieces must be autoclaved between each patient it is even more important that diligent maintenance routines are enforced in the surgery. It is our policy to return all parts replaced during the dental handpiece repair (where possible) as evidence of replacement, and they may give you some indication of how the instrument was maintained.

Bearing failure within three months of replacement is an indication of there being a severe problem in use or maintenance or both.

Just like your car engine, without oil in the sump, the engine will seize. So too will your dental handpiece. No matter how high the quality of parts used, the same principle applies, no lubrication (or insufficient lubrication) equals almost immediate failure of bearings.

Bearing manufacturers stipulate, "It is absolutely essential that bearings are properly lubricated at every autoclave cycle, preferably before and after, this ensures an expected life of 2,000 cycles*."

It can be very obvious when the bearings are examined what the cause is, and while we wish to maintain a good relationship with you as our customer, our prices are not inflated to cover replacement due to poor maintenance.

FIRST DENTAL therefore cannot be held to our warranty when it is suspected that these maintenance procedures are not being followed or operator fault is the cause of failure.

FIRST DENTAL therefore reserves the right to withdraw our warranty where we believe failure is caused by operator fault rather than materials and/or workmanship.

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