Dental Handpiece Repair Tips


At First Dental, our team are the dental handpiece repair experts with a complete knowledge on all handpiece repairs, products, and accessories.  We understand the importance of your dental surgery running smoothly and efficiently. 

If you’re experiencing issues with your dental handpiece, coupling/motor or scaler we’ve provided a few quick tips to check prior to sending in for repairs:

THE Dental Handpiece IS not turning:

If your dental handpiece is not turning, try manually turning the burr with your fingers.  If the burr is turning freely, try replacing the coupling.

If the burr feels gritty, or falls out easily then send the handpiece in for immediate repair.

Blocked Handpiece Coupling:

If there is water blocked or air is not blowing this could indicate a blockage on your coupling.  Inspect the O rings on the shaft to ensure there are no dents present.  These small fragments can sometimes end up in your handpiece causing blockages.

On your coupling, check that the dots on your control knob line up, thus allowing unrestricted water/air flow.

Should you require replacement O rings for your dental handpiece, we do have these available from our online shop.

THE Light IS not working on THE Dental Handpiece:

Handpiece - If the light is not working on your dental handpiece the globe may need replacing.  This can happen if the handpiece has been dropped, or the globe has blown.

Coupling - Check that the globe has been inserted correctly.  If the light is not working remove the globe, rotate 180 degrees then re-fit.  Be careful not to bend the gold internal pins.

Motor – the globe may have blown or the motor may have been dropped.  Remove the outer casing of the motor and ensure the bulb is seated correctly.

At First Dental, we have replacement globes for dental handpieces available from our online shop.

Lubrication of Dental Handpiece:

If you are hand oiling with a can, ensure that you have the correct adaptor to fit your handpiece. Fit the adaptor to the can, shake vigorously, insert the adapter and give a quick spray until you can see oil coming out of the head. If the oil is black, your bearings will need to be replaced. Handpieces with automatic lubrication will need to be calibrated annually. Ensure the oil canister is topped up. Spray oil, bearings and all handpiece adapters are available from our online shop.

Dental Scaler Handpiece issues:

Has the tip snapped off of the inside scaler? Or is the water blocked or scaler no longer vibrating?

If you have the plastic style scaler and the tip has snapped due to extreme pressure, over-tightening, or the handpiece has been dropped, the snapped tip cannot be replaced.  If the scaler handpiece is not vibrating or is blocked this is also not able to be repaired.

If the handpiece scaler is metal, produced by Kavo or NSK, then this can be completely repaired if any issues arise.

Replacement scaler handpieces and tips are available from First Dental, click here.

REPAIR OF Dental Handpiece Accessories:

Scissors, elevators, LUX cuts, dam punch or syringe casings can all be repaired if they become blunt or damaged.  Please send them in for repair with our easy express repair form, describing the issues that you have experienced.

First Dental is YOUR dedicated dental handpiece repair specialist

At First Dental we provide free return postage on all repairs and only use quality products for your new purchase or replacement dental handpieces and products. 

We also have a range of dental handpiece accessories for you to have on hand to allow for a fast DIY replacement, such as coupling O ring kits, globes, and oil