Always Equipped For Dentist Drill Repairs In Melbourne, Sydney, And Brisbane

First Dental knows the drill. The company is always equipped to take on your dentist drill repairs in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and anywhere in Australia. The company has been in operation since 1994 and has been providing the entire nation with high quality dental repairs and equipment maintenance since then. First Dental is the longest standing independent dental repair company in Australia and has gained a reputation that is unmatched in the industry. When you trust First Dental with your dental equipment repairs and maintenance, you are trusting over two decades of experience and a company that has worked with hundreds of dentists throughout the country.

Trust Your Dentist Drill Repairs For Your Sydney Office To First Dental

Pieces of dental equipment such as handpieces are very delicate and intricately designed. Repairing one takes the steady hand of a professional. First Dental is Australia’s specialist when it comes to dental equipment repairs. The company makes it very easy for dental offices to have an item repaired.

A dentist in need of drill repairs, for example, must make sure the handpiece has been autoclaved. A personalised order form must be filled out describing the problems that are occurring with the instrument. The handpieces and order forms are placed inside a First Dental repair box and those boxes are placed inside of a prepaid postage bag. First Dental covers all shipping charges both to and from its offices in Sydney. Handpieces are repaired the day they are received and then immediately returned. If there are any delays, the team at First Dental contacts its clients to let them know. This way, dental offices can still operate efficiently while their equipment is being repaired.

Dental Equipment Maintenance Is Important Too

The equipment in a dental office represents a significant amount of investment in the practice. It makes sense to protect that investment with regular maintenance. While First Dental handles its share of dentist drill repairs in Brisbane and elsewhere, it has also gained a reputation for its equipment maintenance. Just as with repairs, First Dental clients can place their equipment into prepaid postage bags and send them off to the company for service. First Dental technicians provide maintenance and then send the equipment back in prompt fashion.

Periodic maintenance of dental equipment can lessen the risk of a breakdown or failure. The last thing a dentist office needs is for any of its tools to be of no use. First Dental can help to eliminate these sudden problems and help keep a dentist’s office running smoothly and efficiently. The technicians at the company are able to work on all models of the most widely used dental equipment. They work on the popular NSK brand and repair those products only with genuine NSK components. Other brands include Kavo, MK-Dent, Star, W&H, and several others. Technicians can replace high-speed bearings or turbines in dental handpieces. All parts are inspected and tested before the equipment is returned.

For more information, visit the company’s website, Dental offices can enquire by sending an email to or by calling the company directly at (02) 9984 0244.

Kim Grantham