First Dental Provides Dental Equipment Maintenance in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne

First Dental is the longest standing, independent dental repair company. No one else can match our experience or knowledge. In operation since 1994, our small family business is experienced and has all of the right equipment to handle even the biggest repair jobs. First Dental knows that your equipment is vital for your work, and anytime there is a problem with your tools, you need it fixed as quickly as possible. That’s why our quick, quality repairs are done within 24 hours. We repair all drills and handpieces. However, even quicker than repairing your equipment is preventing the problem in the first place.

That’s why First Dental offers convenient, dental equipment maintenance, Sydney dental practices can drop off their equipment at our office to be maintained with no hassle for them. First Dental is available to do the major maintenance work required to keep all of your equipment functioning at its best. When we take care of your equipment, we inspect all parts, clean and lubricate all bearings, turbines and other moving pieces, test all water, air, torque and speed functions, and replace any washers and o rings. We will make sure that your equipment is performing and that everything is in place to keep it that way.

Dental Equipment Can Be Shipped for Expert Maintenance at First Dental.

Anytime your practice needs dental equipment maintenance, Brisbane dental practices can request a shipping kit, just as they would for repair work, and we will send them everything they need to ship their equipment. If you ever have a question about your maintenance, repairs, or equipment, we promise to find you an answer the first time, not transfer your call all over the building. You will always find the answers you need and expert knowledge about all of your equipment at First Dental.

At First Dental, we know about all current handpiece updates and changes. We have seen the evolution of this equipment over the past 20+ years, and we know the ins and outs of every piece of dental equipment available. With our experience in dental equipment maintenance, Melbourne practices will find that even with shipping time, our quality maintenance and repairs are faster than anywhere else. That is why we are the best option for equipment maintenance for all Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne dental practices.

We are currently Australia’s only distributors of aftermarket, Swiss-made turbines. These are the finest quality turbines made, and we will provide you with the best value for your equipment. All of our turbines are designed to work with the latest models and technology in your office, and each one is fitted with brand new ceramic bearings. Every aftermarket turbine comes with a six-month quality warranty.

Dental Equipment Maintenance Guide Available for Your Steri-Room.

First Dental also offers an easy-to-follow, laminated guide to ensure that everyday dental equipment maintenance is being done properly. This guide is perfect for posting in your Steri-room as a reminder for your staff and yourself to properly maintain your equipment. In our online store, we provide any dental handpiece parts for any dental equipment repairs or maintenance that you might need in your practice. Affordable tools, parts, and equipment is also available for sale online. Customers will be surprised at our selection of quality equipment.

Kim Grantham