First Dental Is Your Source For Dental Handpiece Maintenance In Brisbane, Sydney, And Melbourne

Dental practices across Australia cannot function effectively without the proper dental equipment. That is why dental handpiece maintenance in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne dentist offices is of primary importance. Do not leave your equipment maintenance in the hands of anyone other than First Dental, Australia’s largest independent handpiece repair, and dental equipment maintenance specialist. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, First Dental maintains and repairs dental equipment across the entire country from its offices in Sydney. The company provides quick, quality repairs and maintenance so your dental practice can continue to treat its patients.

The Importance Of Dental Handpiece Maintenance In Brisbane

Proper dental handpiece maintenance is key to the performance of any dental office. There is always the risk of an equipment breakdown or failure. Proper maintenance can eliminate those sudden problems in the course a day that may disrupt a dentist’s and a patient’s schedule. Dental equipment represents a significant financial investment as well and taking proper care of it can help to extend the life of that investment. Dental handpiece maintenance in a Melbourne office, for example, keeps that office running smoothly and efficiently.

Dental handpieces are very intricately designed and require the care of a professional. First Dental began operations in 1994 and is the longest running independent dental repair company. You want the experienced hands of First Dental taking care of your dental handpieces to keep your practice doing what it does best – taking care of its patients. In the end, taking the steps necessary to prevent breakdowns and failures by using the services of First Dental is much better than having to cure a serious problem and reinvest in new equipment.

Why Choose First Dental

In addition to having over two decades of experience in the industry, First Dental provides dental repair services to hundreds of dentists throughout Australia. These dentists continue to trust the experience of First Dental with their handpiece repairs and maintenance. The company understands the importance of proper equipment maintenance and helps its dentists with a dental equipment maintenance guide. The guide is laminated and placed so that employees can see it and follow it. Following the guide ensures that equipment is in operation keeping your office efficient.

The beauty of working with First Dental is that maintenance and repairs are easy and fast, no matter where you are located. The company provides its clients with prepaid postage bags. Customers place their devices that need maintained or repaired into the bags and ship them to First Dental. The maintenance or repairs are completed, and the equipment is immediately returned to the dental office. First Dental pays all postage. If needed, 24-hour service is available.

First Dental repairs all of the major equipment makers such as NSK, Kavo, W&H, and more. All NSK products are repaired only with genuine NSK parts. For more information about the services that First Dental provides, visit the company website,, or call and speak to a representative directly at (02) 9984 0244.

Kim Grantham