Get All Of Your Dental Equipment Parts In Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, And Perth From First Dental

Australia’s largest independent dental handpiece repair and equipment maintenance specialist, First Dental, is also the source for quality dental equipment parts in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, and the rest of the country. Since 1994, the company has been providing dentists across the nation with quality, cost effective dental equipment repairs and maintenance. First Dental can now offer quality parts to suppliers at affordable prices and with quick delivery. Dental offices around Australia cannot afford to be without equipment for very long. First Dental is able to offer 24-hour turnaround in most cases. Their quality work and speed has earned them a reputation for excellence among dentists in the country. Their hundreds of satisfied clients can attest to this fact.

Quality Dental Equipment Parts In Brisbane Offices Make A Difference

When a piece of equipment needs repaired, a dentist just wants it fixed and fast so that his schedule, as well as the schedules of his or her patients, are not disrupted. Dental handpieces are intricately designed with many small, delicate pieces. Repairing these instruments is best left to professionals like the technicians at First Dental. Each technician has been factory trained and is certified to perform repairs on all makes and models of dental equipment. Leave the repairs of your dental practices most valuable tools to the pros at First Dental.

First Dental is Australia’s exclusive distributor of the world’s finest aftermarket Swiss made turbines. The company can also repair high-speed turbines and bearings. All parts of a dental handpiece are inspected first. The new parts, bearings or turbine, are installed along with washers and O rings. The handpiece is cleaned and lubricated as well as tested before it is then sent back to its dental practice. First Dental makes it very easy for its clients. When a repair is needed for example, clients send their equipment to First Dental in a prepaid postage bag. First Dental covers all postage both to and from its offices in Sydney. Equipment received is worked on that day and returned when completed. It’s that simple! More Than Just Dental Equipment Parts In Melbourne

While First Dental does supply dental equipment parts to Perth and elsewhere, it is known throughout Australia as the repair and maintenance specialist. Regular maintenance of dental handpieces is important for dentists as it keeps their offices running efficiently. A dentist’s worst nightmare is having a full schedule of patients, but not enough equipment to handle the load. First Dental can help to eliminate the problems associated with equipment breakdown or failure by performing routine maintenance. Just as with repairs, clients can send their equipment to the company and receive it back very quickly. There is 24-hour service available as well.

With its 20-plus years in the business, First Dental is still a family run business that provides friendly professional technical advice as well as parts, repairs, and maintenance. The experts at the company understand handpiece updates and changes and help clients to keep their offices running smoothly.

For more information about how First Dental can help your dental office, visit online. You can also call (02) 9984 0244 or enquire online by sending an email to

Kim Grantham