Where To Find Kavo Dental Handpiece Parts In Melbourne, Sydney, And Brisbane

Dentists across Australia count on their dental equipment to operate correctly day in and day out. If a handpiece or other piece of equipment in not operational, that office will experience a lack of efficiency – or worse. It is important to trust your repairs and maintenance to a company that is highly experienced, trained, and certified to perform those repairs and service. First Dental is the country’s largest independent handpiece repair and dental equipment maintenance specialist. The company is also a distributor of Kavo dental handpiece parts in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and the rest of Australia. The company’s technicians are factory trained and can work on any make or model of equipment.

Why Choose Kavo Dental Handpiece Parts For Sydney Dentist Offices

Kavo dental handpieces are respected throughout the world of dentistry. Dentists enjoy the reliability of the devices as well as their long lifespans. Equipment made by Kavo is manufactured using the finest in high quality materials and are built to last. Using Kavo products helps dentists increase their cost-effectiveness and helps to eliminate and sudden problems related to breakdown or equipment failure.

The technicians at First Dental are able to work on all models Kavo handpieces as well as equipment from other manufacturers as well. Devices from MK-Dent, Lares, NSK, and W&H are just a few of the many that the First Dental team is able to repair and maintain. All NSK products, for example, are repaired only with genuine NSK components. First Dental also has Kavo dental handpiece parts for Brisbane dentists and their repairs.

Other Parts Available At First Dental

First Dental is more than the dental equipment repair and maintenance specialist in Australia. The company is now also an exclusive distributor of the world’s finest aftermarket Swiss made turbines that feature the latest technology including ceramic bearings. First Dental can replace both turbines and bearings. All of the repaired equipment is tested and then promptly sent back to the dental office. The company can turnaround equipment in 24 hours if needed.

Australia’s Repair And Maintenance Specialist

Dental equipment repair and maintenance is a necessary part of the operation of dental offices across Australia. As mentioned, an office cannot meet the needs of its patients effectively without proper equipment. Proper routine maintenance is a key to making sure equipment is fully operational at all times. First Dental can service all of your devices to help extend the life of the equipment and greatly reduce the risk of any equipment breakdowns or failures. Since dental handpieces and equipment are a hefty investment, it makes perfect sense to protect them. Trusting the experts at First Dental is the initial step to doing so.

For quick quality repairs, maintenance, and parts, call the friendly, helpful professionals at First Dental. The company has a small family business feel even though it handles some very large clients throughout Australia. First Dental offers you technical advice as well as the latest updates and changes on handpieces. For more information, visit the company website, www.firstdental.com.au.

Kim Grantham