BUY 3 - Prime Line Optic - Highspeed Handpiece

BUY 3 - Prime Line Optic - Highspeed Handpiece

995.50 1,397.00

BUY 3 Prime Line Dental Highspeed Handpieces- any combination and SAVE $1,204.50 - prices listed are for 1 handpiece so you can choose any combination - LED optic

2 Year warranty

Prime Grip

The titanium coating provides the perfect grip for comfortable work and increased safety. The high-quality material is scratch-resistant, non-corrosive and easy to clean.

Using the ideal angle combination allows access to hard-to-reach preparation areas for maximum treatment convenience.

Spray Nozzles - The four-fold spray ensures safe work with optimum cooling of the preparation site. Specially developed nozzles provide for a clear view and a comfortable noise level during treatment.

Integrated Pressure Regulation - If the drive pressure is too high, the drive pressure is lowered to an ideal 2.8 bar. This preserves the bearing and extends the lifetime significantly.

Quiet 55 dB Noise Level - The perfect balance of the cartridge ensures interruption-free running of the Prime Line turbines. At a level of up to 55 dB(A), only a turbine that is switched off is quieter.

Retractive Suction Stop - The automatic return suction stop effectively prevents particles and saliva from entering into the head's housing.

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