Prophy Line – Air polishing

Prophy Line – Air polishing


Highest efficiency in all areas.

Pleasantly thorough: The optimal concentrated powder jet, mixed with ultra-fine water spray and air, provides effective and accurate plaque removal. This makes treatment particularly economic for you. Together with the Prophy Powder, available in the flavors Mint, Strawberry and Lemon, treatment is also pleasant and gentle for your patient.

Sterilizable: The Prophy Line is completely sterilizable – and provides a quick and easy processing procedure of the instrument.

Perfect cleaning: The Prophy Line, in combination with the Prophy Powder, removes effectively dental plaque and teeth discoloration without clogging. The Prophy Powder is available in Mint, Lemon and Strawberry flavor.

Compatible with KaVo* – W&H* – Sirona* – NSK* – BienAir*


Get 3 bottles of Prophy powder FREE with every Prophy Line Handpiece purchase, one of each flavour

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