First Dental Can Supply NSK Dental Handpiece Parts Australia wide

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In the world of dentistry, the NSK brand is well known. The dental equipment company produces some of the finest handpieces in the industry. What happens when a dentist’s equipment breaks down or fails? Call on the professionals at First Dental to provide NSK dental handpiece parts to Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne dentists for the completion of repairs. The company, which has been in operation for over 20 years, is known throughout Australia as the handpiece and dental equipment repair and maintenance specialist. The company now also supplies parts across the nation as well.

First Dental Uses Only NSK PARTS on Dental Handpiece Repairs

All NSK devices are repaired only with genuine NSK dental handpiece parts. The factory trained and certified technicians at First Dental complete all repairs. Dental handpieces such as those made by NSK are very delicate and intricate pieces of machinery. They should only be repaired by experienced, certified technicians. Hundreds of dentists across Australia have entrusted their dental equipment repairs to First Dental, Australia’s largest and longest running independent handpiece repair and equipment maintenance specialist.

NSK is not the only brand of dental equipment that the professionals at First Dental can repair. The technicians at the company have years of experience working on equipment from Kavo, W&H, Impact Air, Star, and many others. First Dental is also Australia’s exclusive distributor of the world’s finest aftermarket Swiss turbines and ceramic bearings. High-speed turbine and bearing replacement is another company specialty. All parts are inspected before the new bearings and turbines are replaced. The equipment is cleaned, lubricated, and tested before it is returned to its dental office, oftentimes in 24 hours.

Dental Equipment Maintenance Is Important

A dental office cannot operate effectively when its equipment is out of commission. That is why regular maintenance is recommended. Proper maintenance is the key to a well-run, efficient dentist’s office and First Dental is the maintenance specialist that can ensure that happens. The equipment in a dentist’s office represents a large financial investment, and it makes sense to protect that investment. Having First Dental technicians maintain equipment can help to extend its life and eliminate any sudden problems from arising.

Call Australia’s Experts For DENTAL HANDPIECE Repairs

For all of your dental equipment needs, whether it is NSK dental handpiece parts in your Sydney office or equipment maintenance, call the professionals who know the drill. First Dental offers clients that small family business feel with its friendly, helpful, and professional advice. The company can also keep your dental practice aware of the latest handpiece updates and changes. Over the course of two decades, the company has seen them all and will ensure its clients are up on the latest developments.

When your dental practice needs repairs, parts, or maintenance, call the professionals you can trust to get the job done right with a fast turnaround time. Contact First Dental at (02) 9984 0244 or visit the company online at You can email an enquiry to

Kim Grantham